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Fischer Bros Hotel en Playa Hermosa

Si estás buscando un buen lugar para hospedarte en Costa Rica, vení a nuestro hotel!





Fischer Bros Surf Shop


Our surf shop is located over the main road at Playa Hermosa, 5 kms. south from Jacó. Once you get to Hermosa, you will see the Hotel Terrazas del Pacifico blue sign, continue on the main road 100 mts., you will see our surf shop at the right hand




Surfboards Rental:
If you are planning your trip to Costa Rica, you don´t need to bring your board, plus the risk of getting a broken or dinged board by the bad handling at the airport, or the high fees the airlines are imposing today: from US$ 100 to US$ 300 per surfboard.
Rent a Fischer Bros surfboard at the best rates and terms, we count with a big variety of longboards, funboards and shortboards.
Contact us to consult availabiltity of specific sizes.

  24 hours 1 week 2 weeks
US$ 20 US$ 100 US$ 200
US$ 20 US$ 100 US$ 200
US$ 15 US$ 80 US$ 150





Surf Lessons:

Take our surf lessons with professional instructors fully prepared. Includes all the surf equipment: rashguards, surfboards, leashes, wax and transportation from your hotel to Jaco beach.
The instructors will take care of you and will give you the best tips and safety warnings, both in and out of the water.

The class consists of stretching and warming up prior to enter to the water as it is important to stretch all the muscles to not suffer from a cramp in the water.

Then the student will learn how to do the paddling, jump to get up, and body position on the table.

After this, they will help you enter to the water and will push you to catch the waves, once you get used to maintain balance on the table while you're in the wave, you can try catching the wave on your own. It´s a wonderfull experience you´ll never forget!

Surf lessons Rates
US$ 40 (Duration: 2 hours)



Surfboards Repair in 24 hours: We offer the fastest and efficient surfboard repair service in Costa Rica. Don´t risk your board with cheap home-made repairs. We take care to bring you back your broken board as if nothing ever happened to it!. If you really want a strong, fast an guaranteed repair, just come by our surf shop at Hermosa and we will be glad to help you out to paddle back to the water as soon as possible.

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